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NGA Natural Peoria Championships
 Saturday October 19, 2019 
Illinois Central College Performing Arts Center, East Peoria, Il.

Natural PRO Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, Bikini, and Bikini Model Super Pro Qualifier

Click ---> REGISTER FOR THE SHOW  (Mail your fees by PERSONAL CHECK to address in the link ASAP)

Click ---> BOOK YOUR POLYGRAPH  *TESTING IS AT ICC in dressing/meeting rooms.  (POC: Jim Reistroffer 563-343-4506.)

Click ---> BOOK HAIR & MUA   *Call Meraki Hair Suite (Becca Price) @: 309-368-0255 to confirm booking.

Click ---> BOOK WOMENS TANNING.   *CONTACT YVONNE WRIGHT TO BOOK*  W-Right Rayz (Yvonne Wright @ 515-988-1461)

Click ---> BOOK MENS TANNING    *CONTACT YVONNE WRIGHT TO BOOK*  W-Right Rayz (Yvonne Wright @ 515-988-1461)

Click ---> BOOK YOUR ROOM AT HOST HOTEL - (Must book by Sept 19th. Cutoff is 9/20)


POLYGRAPH is at ICC PERFORMING ARTS CENTER on FRIDAY 10/18 ONLY. (Book your appointment using link above).

CHECK IN: Friday, Oct 18th, 4-8 PM at Illinois Central College, 1 College Dr, East Peoria, IL 61635-0001, 309-694-5136 or 309-694-5422.



Illinois Central College, 1 College Dr, East Peoria, IL 61635-0001, (309) 694-5422 or 309-694-5136

MANDATORY COMPETITOR MEETING on Sat 10/[email protected] 8:00 AM in Theatre.

PREJUDGING starts at 9:00 (doors open @ 8:30). Projected completion time is around Noon..

NIGHT SHOW: Competitor Meeting at 4:30,  Doors open at 5:00, SHOW STARTS AT 5:30.   The show should conclude somewhere between 8-10pm.

TO BOOK YOUR ROOM AT THE HOST HOTEL- CLICK ON THIS LINK - (Must book by Sept 1st to guarantee room):


COACHES PASS POLICY (For access to pump rooms only)

Coaches Passes are $20 each and should be purchased at check in.  Coaches will still need to purchase a ticket to get into the show.  Show tickets should be purchased on UNIVERSE.COM .  The coaches pass only allows them backstage access.  (There is no limit to how many backstage coaches passes that can be purchased.)


Tanning, Hair, Makeup:

The OFFICIAL Spray Tanner for this year's show is W-Right Rayz (Yvonne Wright @ 515-988-1461,  TO BOOK, CALL OR EMAIL HER AT [email protected]) They will require everyone to pay in cash at time of services, it will make the day go smoother and easier.  All TANNING, HAIR AND MAKEUP, and POLYGRAPH EXAMS will take place at Illinois Central College, 1 College Dr, East Peoria, IL 61635-0001, (309) 694-5422.  ***BOOK ALL OF YOUR APPTS USING THE LINKS ABOVE***


The official Hair/MU provider will be Meraki Hair Suite. OFFICE: 309-278-4689.  Email: [email protected]  

Polygraph Testing:
   Polygraph testing will take place at the ICC Performing Arts Center.  There are rooms available for setting up testing and we have access all day until 9pm Friday night.  All competitors are required to provide proof of polygraph within 90 days leading up to show or schedule to take one. ***BOOK YOUR APPT USING THE LINK ABOVE*** 


SUPER PRO-Qualifier: ALL OPEN CLASS WINNERS (with 5 or more competitors) will receive NGA PRO CARD APPLICATION.

All Classes - Trophies/Medals for Top five in each class, division and overall.  

Pro Classes:   Pro Cards from other Recognized Natural Organizations will be accepted as proof of Pro status, however you will still need to purchase an NGA pro card to compete in this (or any other) NGA PRO SHOW. Cash prizes for Pro Men's BB, Pro Figure, Pro Bikini, Pro Bikini Model, Pro Men's Classic Physique, and Pro Men's Master's BB: are set at the following sliding scale: 10 or more PRO's: 1st = $1000, 2nd = $500, 3rd = $300,  5-9 PRO's: 1st = $500, 2nd = $300, 3rd = $200. 4 PRO's: 1st = $218, 2nd = $150 (no cash for 3rd or 4th place), 2-3 PRO's: 1st = $218, no cash for 2nd or 3rd.  TOP FIVE WILL RECEIVE AWARDS (whether they win cash or not) IN ALL PRO CLASSES.   


A. The definition and rulings of a novice:

1. A competitor that has not placed in the top 3 in an open division of any organization.

2. A competitor that has not won 1st place in a novice division of any organization.


 - Promoters have the option of canceling any division for an insufficient amount of competitors (generally less than 3).

 - Promoters have the option of splitting a division that has a total of 10 or more athletes.


***ATTENTION ALL PRO ATHLETES***:  We welcome PRO's from all (NGA recognized) federations.  Consult the NGA by laws for the most current list of recognized pro organizations on the NGA WEBSITE.  To compete in this show as a PRO, you will need 1) a pro card from a recognized org., 2) Order a NGA Pro card from the NGA WEBSITE  (providing proof of pro status in your current org.) 3) Register using the link above, 4) Send in your entry fees by check or electronic funds transfer, 5) Fullfil the polygraph requirement of passing a test within 90 days of show date and providing proof of passing to the promoter prior to or at check in.  6) Your pro card must MATCH the division name you are entering (e.g., Pro Bikini cards only qualify athlets to compete as a Pro in Pro Bikini, Pro Figure card only qualify the athlete to compete in Pro Figure.  There can be no crossovers from Pro Figure to Bikini or Vice-Versa).  If a Pro Bikini athlete wishes to earn a PRO Figure card they can compete in PRO Bikini and crossover to OPEN FIGURE for a shot at  Pro Figure qualification.

Bodybuilding Guidelines:

Music and Posing Routines:

Due to time constraints, ONLY PRO ATHLETES will have the OPTION of doing a posing routine to their own custom music clip.  Pro's planning to do a routine need to email their 90 second music clip to the DJ (Glen Mulvaney) at [email protected] and CC: [email protected] Please put NGANPC PRO Posing Music in the subject.  Also,  bring a thumb drive with the clip on itAlso, If anyone needs show music put together, please let Glen know.  All other amateur T-Walks will be done to house music.   


T-Walks are OPTIONAL.  You will be asked whether you want to do a routine at ROLL CALL (at the 8:00 AM Saturday competitors meeting).  Men’s Physique classes shall consist of 3 weight class breakdowns: • Lightweight – up to 156 ¼ lbs • Middleweight – over 156 ¼ lbs to 172 ¼ lbs • Heavyweight – over 172 ¼ lbs 

*TRANSFORMATION CLASS - New for 2015* ; This class is a CO-ED division for competitors (ideal for first-time competitors) who have dramatic success stories in terms of weight loss. Anyone entering that division will need to provide a "before" picture so we can flash it up on the projector screen and show the audience the progress they've made.  This division is a FREE CROSSOVER ENTRY, with at least one other paid division entry.  If not competing in any other division, entry will be at the non-pro qual division pricing.  (Remember that you will need to be entered in at least 2 PAID divisions to qualify for a COMPLIMENTARY SHOW HOODIE). Awards will be given for 1st-5th place.  Judging will be based on who had made the most dramatic transformation. Apparel is whatever you are wearing ready from your other division(s).. So if you are a man competing in mens physique and bodybuilding, you should wear the bb posing trunks (to show more), but if you are competing in physique but not bb, you would wear board shorts for the transformation class.  If you are a woman cempeting in bikini novice, you would wear your same bikini for the transformation class.  Poses will be basic front and back as called by the head judge.

*DEBUT CLASSES - New for 2016* 

This division is for FIRST TIME COMPETITORS ONLY and is offered for a DISCOUNTED ENTRY FEE.  (Remember that you will need to be entered in at least 2 PAID divisions (not counting DEBUT) to qualify for a COMPLIMENTARY SHOW HOODIE. Awards will be given for 1st-5th place in all DEBUT classes. and posing will be identical to all non-debut novice and open classes.

*BIKINI MODEL CLASS - New for 2016* -  This is a PRO QUALIFIER class! Click here to see an example of a costume!

*HALLOWEEN DIVISION - NEW for 2017* - This is open to ALL competitors Male and Female and will be judged by the audience using the phone app at the NIGHT SHOW.  There are no restrictions on the costumes and it will only be one class (combining men and women into one class).  There is no charge for this class (with a PAID ENTRY in any other class).  Awards will be given out to the TOP 3 competitors.  


CLICK HERE TO SEE THE OFFICIAL NGA WOMEN'S POSING VIDEO!    All T-Walks are OPTIONAL at night show (to save time).  You will be asked whether you want to do a routine at ROLL CALL (at the 8:00 AM Saturday competitors meeting).  It is preferred (but not required) for PRO Bikini and PRO Figure to perform their T-Walks at night show...   If you choose to do a T-Walk, you will only have to do it the first time on stage at the night show, regardless of how many classes you are competing in.


REFUND POLICY:  Full refunds may be granted UP TO AUGUST 31st.  No refunds after 8/31.  Late Fees apply starting on Sept 1st.   

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: OCT 10th (with $50 late fee starting on 10/1) ($25 late fee applies 9/1-10/1). (ENTRIES MAY BE ACCEPTED AFTER 10/10/18 AT PROMOTER DISCRETION) ***MAIL FEE PMT by PERSONAL CHECK ASAP: to "Midwest Productions - NPC" Attn: Jonathon Aggen, 430 North Main Street, 3rd Floor, East Peoria, Il. 61611.***

(Contact Promoter: Jonathon W. Aggen on Facebook event page for questions).