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NGA Natural Peoria Championships
 Saturday October 19, 2019 
Illinois Central College Performing Arts Center, East Peoria, Il.

Natural PRO Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, Bikini, and Bikini Model Super Pro Qualifier

Be recognized as one of the TOP FITNESS MODELS in the Industry!!!

Step 1: REGISTER FOR NGANPC, and Submit your Photos via email by August 30, 2019!

Effective Immediately, All PRO Athletes competing in the NGANPC will automatically be accepted for inclusion into the upcoming 2020 CALENDAR! Athletes registering prior to June 1st (with paid entry fees) will receive priority consideration.  All remaining spots will be filled by amateur athletes who are registered for the 2019 NGANPC.   Requirements include registering, paying entry fees, and competing in the show.  Then, submit 2 or 3 of your best images (including a short 1 paragraph bio) via EMAIL to "[email protected]"
This contest is open to all MALE AND FEMALE Athlests who hold a currently valid PRO OR AMATEUR MEMBERSHIP CARD.   All Photos must be taken by a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER and should be in some form of fitness apparel, bikini, board shorts, workout gear, etc.  NO STAGE SHOTS will be considered. *IMPORTANT* FILE SIZE MUST BE APPROX 2-4 MB to be usable. Do not send files smaller than 2MB in file size.  We prefer photos in an outdoor setting with a scenic background and not in a studio or with a solid color backdrop.  Photos can be in a costume as well but you must be showing off your physique.  No clothing brand names should be visible in the photos. Any photos submitted with clothing brand names visible will not be considered.  13 Men and 13 Women will be selected from these photo submissions to be featured in the 2019 Calendar.  Any spots remaining after Pro Contestants have been included will be awarded to the top candidates who have submitted photos for consideration.  Only registered contestants for the 2019 NGANPC are eligible for inclusion into the Calendar.  A minumum of 12 and a maximum of 30 athletes (men and women) will be included in the calendar.

Step 2: Selection Process

The winners will be selected and announced on social media no later than Sept 31st 2018.  The selection process is currently being developed by NGA leadership and will be announced by June 2018.   This is YOUR CHANCE to become a part of NGA HISTORY!!!

Step 3:
Printing and Distribution

Major supplement companies will be advertising in this calendar and distribution will be nationwide.  Calendars will be printed between Sept-Oct 2018 and will be available at the 2018 NGA Pro Universe the weekend of Nov 10th, 2018, and on this website for ordering on or about November 10th!  In addition, all contestants at the 2018 NGA Natural Peoria Championships will be eligible to receive one FREE copy of this calendar as a BONUS for entering the show!  Stay tuned for more big announcements pertaining to the NGANPC coming soon!