NGA Natural Peoria Championships
 Saturday October 28, 2017 
Embassy Suites by Hilton East Peoria Riverfront Hotel & Conference Center

Natural PRO Bodybuilding, Physique, Figure, Bikini, and Bikini Model Super Pro Qualifier


Debut Men's Physique

4th Stephen Alford

3rd Dustin Oesterle

2nd Matt LaGrotta

1st Gary Ramos

Debut Mens Physique Middleweight

2nd Blake Bush

1st Michael Morgan

Debut Men's Physique HW

1st Brad Butler

Novice Men's Physique LW

6th Pete Mangano

5th Stephen Alford

4th Dustin Oesterle

3rd Jonathan Igartua

2nd Matt LaGrotta

1st Gary Ramos

Novice Men's Physique MW

4th Sean Ziemba

3rd Erik Janik

2nd Blake Bush


Open Men's Physique LW

7th Jason Williams

6th Stephen Alford

5th Pete Mangano

4th Dustin Oesterle

3rd Matt LaGrotta

2nd Jonathan Igartua

1st Gary Ramos (PRO CARD)

Open Men's Physique HW

3rd Edward Deloach

2nd Chris Eurich

1st Jeremy Tippey

Debut Classic Physique

1st Lindsey Diggs

Open Classic Physique

2nd Lindsey Diggs

1st Isaiah Williams

Debut Men's BB LW

1st Michael Wilcher

Debut Men's BB MW

1st Chris Smith

Debut Men's BB LHW

1st Dave Eisley

Novice Men's BB LW

1st Michael Wilcher

Novice Men's BB MW

2nd Chris Smith

1st Ryan Deushane

Novice Men's BB LHW

1st Dave Eisley

Open Men's BB LW

3rd Michael Wilcher

2nd Gary Fern

1st George Kowalski

Open's Men's BB MW

5th Chris Smith

4th Noah Sepich

3rd Ryan Deushane

2nd Ryan Lowry

1st Jerome Drakeford (PRO CARD)

Open's Men's BB LHW

7th Dave Eisley

6th Justin Stajduhar

5th Rusty Batty

4th Jack Halverson

3rd Isaiah Williams

2nd Rich Brecklin

1st Jose Velasquez (PRO & OVERALL WINNER)

Open Men's BB HW

2nd Tristan York

1st Lindsey Diggs

Men's Masters BB 40+

2nd Dave Eisley

1st Rusty Batty

Men's Masters BB 50+

3rd Rusty Batty

2nd Jack Halverson

1st Jerome Drakeford

Men's Masters BB 60+

1st Gary Fern


 5th Whitney Stearns

4th Dave Eisley

3rd Brad Butler

2nd Tristan York

1st Allyson Woith

***PRO MEN'S BB***

10th Mat Mirowski

9th Brandon Chaison

8th Arma Wright

7th Nick Erickson

6th Monroe Harrison

5th Corry Harris

4th Robert Harris

3rd Justin Draper ($400 Cash Prize)

2nd Brandon Quast ($700 Cash Prize)

1st Ben Goins ($1000 Cash Prize)

Debut Bikini "A"

5th Melissa Bailey

4th Colleen Scofield

3rd Denise Kirk

2nd Jeanette Scott

1st Jessica Rogers

Debut Bikini "B"

2nd Jalene Kaiser

1st Kiauna Perkins

Debut Bikini "C"

2nd Lindsey Bush

1st Sarah Kish

Novice Bikini "A"

6th Coleen Scofield

5th  Denise Kirk

4th Allyson Woith

3rd Jessica Rogers

2nd Julie Jacobs

1st Casadie Little (OVERALL WINNER)

Novice Bikini "B"

3rd Jalene Kaiser

2nd Kiana Perkins

1st Jennifer Kosinski

Novice Bikini "C"

3rd Lindsey Bush

2nd Faith Wright

1st Sara Kish

Open Bikini "A"

6th Melissa Bailey 

5th Denise Kirk

4th Allyson Woith

3rd Jessica Rogers

2nd Julie Jacobs

1st Casadie Little (PRO CARD & OVERALL WINNER)

Open Bikini "B"

6th Savannah Hacket

5th Kiauna Perkins

4th Jalene Kaiser

3rd Robyn Scott

2nd Jennifer Kosinski

1st Ashley Noland (PRO CARD)

Open Bikini "C"

5th Cassie Maguire

4th Brittany Gronau

3rd Lindsey Bush

2nd Faith Wright

1st Sara Kish (PRO CARD)

Novice Bikini Model

1st Cassie Maguire

Open Bikini Model

5th Savannah Hackett 

4th Cassie Maguire

3rd Brittany Gronau

2nd Ashley Noland (PRO CARD)

1st Casadie Little (PRO CARD)

Debut Figure "A"

1st Whitney Stearns

Novice Figure "A"

3rd Violet Holmes

2nd Whitney Stearns

1st Crystal Crayton

Novice Figure "B"

3rd Abby Romero

2nd Kassie Tippey

1st Sabrina Werner

Open Figure "A"

5th Violet Holmes

4th Whitney Stearns

3rd Natascha Harris

2nd Amy Fitschen

1st Crystal Crayton (PRO CARD)

Open Figure "B"

5th Abby Romero

4th Kassie Tippey

3rd Jennifer Eason

2nd Sabrina Werner

1st Amanda Goins (PRO CARD)

Open Figure "C"

2nd Felicia Christianson

1st Brianna Tucker (PRO CARD & OVERALL WINNER)

Master's Bikini 35+

5th Melissa Bailey

4th Denise Kirk

3rd Colleen Scofield

2nd Jeanette Scott

1st Robyn Scott (PRO CARD)

Figure Master's 35+

4th Natascha Harris

3rd Jennifer Eason

2nd Crystal Crayton

1st Felicia Christianson (PRO CARD & OVERALL MASTER'S WINNER)

Figure Master's 40+

2nd Violet Holmes

1st Felicia Christianson

Figure Master's 50+

1st Felicia Christianson

Novice Women's Physique

2nd Stephanie Russ

1st Diane Covington

Open Women's Physique

2nd Stephanie Russ

1st Diane Covington